Steam & Boiler Equipment

thrd safety vlvs enlarged then shrunk

Threaded Connection Full Lift and Proportional Safety Valves

a valve safe

Flanged Connection Full Lift  Safety Valves

Flanged safety valves squared

Proportional Lift Safety Valves

694 squared

        Clamp Style Full Lift and Proportional           Safety Valves

Vyc 170 Check vlvs 1 squared

Disc Check Valves 

Vyc 147 needle vlv 1 squared

Small Bore Needle Valves

Vyc 090 Y strainer SQUARED

Y Strainers

Vyc 191 TD steam trap 1 squared

Thermodynamic and Thermostatic Steam Traps

343 squared

Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

513 squared

Threaded and Flanged Direct Action Pressure Reducing Valves

VYC 248 Bellows Stop vlv

Bellows Isolation Valves

460 squared

Blow Down Valves

560 squared

Continuous Desalting Valves

sight glass 1 squared

Double Window Sight Glass

011 squared

Syphon Tubes

150151 squared

Float Valves

176 squared

Electronic Level Controllers