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Flow Meter

Flow Meters & Flow Switches

Mechanical Flow Switch for liquids or gaseous media with spring supported piston and magnetic actuation of a reed switch. Robust design, produced in materials brass or stainless steel.

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Level Switches

Level Switches

Inspection glasses for vertical mounting in various lengths to monitor fluid levels and visual appearance.Float gauges for vertical mounting in various lengths and designs monitoring fill l levels with one or more switch-points.

Float gauges for horizontal mounting monitoring fill levels with one contact or with capacitive measures. Ultrasonic method for granules and ductile materials avoiding direct contact.

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Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches

Membrane pressure monitor with settable switching point in stainless steel or brass housing. Pressure meter with thick-film sensor and protected pressure cell, current output 4..20 mA.
Stainless steel meter with flush mount membrane in 2-wire technology for combination with transmitters Flex-P(switch, analog, or frequency output) or omni-P (switch, analog, or frequency output with LED display).
Ceramic pressure cell in stainless steel housing in 2-wire technology, to be combined with transmitters Flex-P (switch, analog, or frequency output) or omni-P (switch, analog, or frequency output with LED display).

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Temperature Switches

Temperature Switches and Sensors

Bi-metal monitor for temperature control in strong design. External adjustable temperature switch. Platinum temperature meter with high accuracy. Can be combined with transmitters  Flex-T (switch, analog, or frequency output) or omni-T (switch, analog, or frequency output  and LED display).

Differential temperature meter consisting of two platinum probes and 4..20 mA signal output. Infrared sensor for contactless measuring and monitoring of temperatures (omni IR).

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